Solidarity message from ETUC to health and care workers


(8 December 2022) Europe’s Health and social care workers have our eternal thanks. You risked your lives to help us get through the COVID crisis. The applause for health and care workers during lockdown was a deserved recognition by ordinary people. But from politicians, applause and nice words are not enough.

The European Trade Union Confederation, the voice for all workers across Europe, is on your side. Health and social care workers are badly paid. They are understaffed. The services they work for are underfunded. Now rocketing inflation is putting poorly paid health and social care workers in real financial difficulty. Enough is enough.

Health and social care workers cannot be expected to bear the cost of the war in Ukraine and EU sanctions against Russia. They should not fund the excessive profits of energy and other companies.       

We are with you. We call for an end to the cost-of-living crisis. We call for pay rises, price caps and payments targeted to those who struggle to pay their energy and food bills. We warn the EU and governments – no return to austerity.

The ETUC fully supports Europe’s health and social care workers. Now politicians have to decide if they support health and care workers, or if they are going to make the lives health and care workers even more difficult.  

Esther Lynch
ETUC General Secretary