Solidarity Message of Czech trade unionists - International Women's Day

Solidarity Message of Czech trade unionists from TU of the Health Service and Social Care to our EPSU Colleagues on the occasion of International Women’s Day

(8 March 2011) We are female healthcare workers who provide all kinds of medical and nursing care to clients in hospitals and residential social-care institutions in the Czech Republic. We are women taking care of all, both the young and the old, who need our assistance. Besides our professional engagements we are engaged also in the care of our families. We take our profession as a mission that has to be fulfilled. We feel and wish to express solidarity with all women who, like we, serve people, although their work is not sufficiently appraised –either financially or socially.

We call on governments of all political views and at all levels to pay more attention to women and their demanding work pursued every day for the benefit of the whole of the society.

EPSU shares the demands of its Czech affiliate for a better deal for women working in the care sector.

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