Solidarity with Greek workers in prisons services


(4 March 2021) EPSU sent a letter of solidarity to its Greek affiliate OSYE (Greek Federation of Employees of Correctional Facilities) for the strike that continues with the fifth and sixth days of action today and tomorrow. EPSU fully support their calls for the recruitment of additional staff and action to address the excessive workload of their members. It is completely unacceptable that prison service employees are owed a total of 80,000 rest days and 40,000 days of regular leave. The fact that some employees are only getting 3-4 breaks per month and working continuously without rest is clearly an infringement of working time regulations and should be urgently addressed.

EPSU also support their demands for better medical care for staff and action to provide all prison staff and prisoners with adequate protection against COVID 19.

We hope the strike action is successful and ensures that the prison service commits to negotiate on these urgent matters.