Solidarity with the Greek unions

(9 November 2015) EPSU sends its solidarity greetings to the ADEDY and GSEE trade union confederations for the general strike planned for 12 November.

We send our support to the Greek unions in challenging the policies that the government will be implementing as part of the latest bail-out deal.

These include increases in indirect taxation, major changes to the public social insurance scheme, the privatization of remaining strategic parts of the public sector (energy, water, ports and airports), further cuts in wages and pensions. We agree that these policies are simply a continuation of the austerity that has done nothing to foster economic growth in Greece.

Public sector workers have seen massive cuts in pay, jobs and employment conditions and ADEDY members have been waging a long struggle against these measures and the undermining of public services.

EPSU wishes success to all the public and private sector workers, the unemployed, pensioners and young people who will join the demonstrations around the country on 12 November to show their opposition to the bailout provisions.

We also support ADEDY’s key demands to:

- invest in the pension system and preserve pension benefits;

- immediate recruitment of workers on permanent contracts to ensure adequate staffing of health, education and other public services;

- an increase to pay and measures to ensure fair salaries and career development;

- retention of strategic industries under public control;

- introduction of a fair tax system and no increase to indirect taxes; and

- action on odious and unfair public debts.

EPSU solidarity letter (EN & FR):

Press Release of the Greek confederation GSEE

Solidarity messages from affiliates:

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