Solidarity with Greek civil servants’ general strike 24 November

(18 November 2016) The Greek government has started a new offensive to privatize public companies and restructure the public administrations. The government is implementing the measures imposed by the Memoranda that have been negotiated with the European and financial institutions. To confront these policies Adedy has called for a 24h strike on 24 November. Amongst others Adedy is calling:

  • For a programme of investment in public services. It needs to recruitment staff to address the needs of citizens and society. This concerns education, health, social services, culture, public administration, social security for example. Public services should be affordable and education and health, culture available free for all.
  • To stop the processes of restructuring and outsourcing and the policy of cutting jobs. Adedy also wants that workers are offered full and permanent jobs rather than precarious jobs.
  • For decent wages. Adedy rejects wages based on individual employment contracts and assessments. The union stresses that there should be free collective bargaining in the public sector leading to the conclusion of general and sectoral collective agreements.

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