Solidarity with EDF and ENGIE workers fighting against restructuring projects

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(19th November) On November 26, workers in the French multinational electric utility companies ENGIE and EDF are mobilising to defend the future of their jobs, the public energy sector and to demand the suspension of the companies’ current restructuring projects.

As well as the ongoing global fight against the COVID 19 pandemic, another huge challenge facing our societies is that of the energy transition. It is therefore incomprehensible that the management of ENGIE and EDF, two of the leading groups in the sector, persist in dismantling these companies. The various plans announced endanger both the future of the employees of the two groups, as well as the future of the French energy sector; all for financial gain, with little consideration of the disastrous social consequences.

EPSU stands in full solidarity will all ENGIE and EDF workers who are protesting: their struggle in France is our struggle across Europe. Together, we will continue to fight for a public energy service guided by the general interest.

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