Solidarity with Czech Health sector workers

(7 November 2010) The European Federation of Public Sector Unions (ESPU) wants to send a warn message of solidarity on the eve of an important strike action in the Czech Republic.

There are many reasons to strike, but this time there are two main reasons, workers in the healthcare and social services want to express their disagreement with cuts in their pay for the work that is demanded, which is both financially and socially undervalued.

The trade unions also want to make citizens in the Czech Republic aware of the real threat of decomposition of the healthcare system, of decrease in quality of provided care both in the healthcare and in social services, and of the procedures of the Government which are unacceptable for trade unions.

Trade unions want that the Government returns back to classical social dialogue. As well as the Ministry of Health to adopt a payment regulation that will at least retain the level of payments for provided care at the level of 2010 and will take the inflation rate into consideration, together with a State budget that retains the level of 2010.

For all these reasons and because is not up to the elderly, the ill and the health care workers to pay for the crisis we wish our Czech affilates a succesful strike action.

Carola Fischbach-Pyttel