Solidarity for Brazilian organisations and Electoral Integrity in 2022 elections

The role of digital platforms in protecting results of election in Brazil

(17 August 2022) The Brazilian Presidential elections take place in October 2022. There is a high risk based on past experience that digital platforms are used to provide misinformation to influence the outcome of the elections. This would favour the far-right candidate and the current President Bolsonaro as the expensive of his challengers. These include the candidate supported by the trade unions former president and former union leader Lula and currently leading the opinion polls. A large group of Brazilian organisations came together to set up guidelines to advice how digital platforms should act to prevent abuse. The report The Role Of Digital Platforms In Protecting Electoral Integrity In The 2022 Brazilian Election gives recommendations to the social media companies. The solidarity letter shows to those companies the global concerns and the broader support.

For the joint letter in support

The recommendations are relevant for other elections in which digital platforms can be abused to influence the results. This is usually done by those with sufficient resources, and hence the rich and corporate powers.