Social dimension needed in European energy roadmaps 2050

The employers and the trade unions for the European gas sector considered their approach to the Commission’s energy road maps 2050. They agreed that a social dimension needs to be included considering employment, skills and qualifications, the role of social dialogue and information and consultation. The just transition principles need to be included. The organisations will now consult their relevant bodies. The position is important as a [leaked version of the energy road maps available at EPSU->art8099] does not address this. The social partners further received a detailed briefing of the [position of the European Commission DG Climate Action->] for [Durban, South Africa COP17->]. Delegations from countries across the world will come together to discuss if they can make progress to come to a binding agreement that will reduce CO2 emissions. It gave rise to heated discussions and trade union delegations underlined that the Commission should also ensure that just transition principles are included and that progress is made following the [Cancun agreement->]. The [ETUC position for Durban is available here ->]. The social partners further addressed the follow up to the survey on CSR of which the results were presented at the [September meeting->]. Disagreement emerged over the lack of progress from the employers’ side regarding a more concrete project to pursue CSR in the gas sector. It appeared that the gas industry showed little interest in developing CSR. This is even more concerning as major projects need to be developed. The employers’ side disagreed and discussions will continue. The social dialogue committee further received feed back from the [4th Social Forum and its conclusions->]. It agreed the representatives for the Steering Committee of the mapping project. Following the rotation system with Eurogas and EMCEF, EPSU will hold the Presidency of the Committee in 2012. The current vice-president for EPSU Didier Baur (CGT-FNME) will become the President of the committee. Dates for next meetings: 16 April, 14 June, 7 September (special meeting focused on skills), 12 November (plenary) The plenary meeting of the gas social dialogue committee took place 15 November 2011, Brussels. It brings together employers (Eurogas) and trade unions. Colleagues from the Czech republic, Germany, Lithuania, UK and the EPSU Deputy General Secretary participated in the EPSU delegation.