Social dialogue work group on security of supply meets, 21 June 2004

One of the subjects of the working programme of the social partners in the electricity sector is security of supply. A first meeting took place to consider if there is sufficient basis for continuation of the discussion. While there are differences of opinion regarding the operation of the internal market (can we believe it will deliver or not) and its results, the following points were identified as providing a basis for further discussion:
- Concerns regarding the investments in the sector (generation as well as networks)
- Employment issues (skills, training, recruitment, employment levels - issues such as outsourcing and preparing for acts of God (natural disasters) play a role here.
- Regulatory issues (linked also with public image and acceptance of decisions of the regulators
- Coordination between the different actors in the industry (generation, networks (DSO;s TSO's) regulators. An element here is also coordination in the chain between different businesses with more out-sourcing, fragmented businesses.
A report was given to the plenary meeting 21 June 2004