Social Dialogue Training Programme: how to develop independent social dialogue structures in social services

Social Dialogue trainings FORESEE project

(10 June 2022) As part of the FORESEE project, EPSU has co-led two trainings on how to develop independent social dialogue structures in social services in the last month, alongside the Social Employers and other project partners. The FORESEE project aims to strengthen European social dialogue in social services and the purpose of the trainings is to develop national-level social dialogue in countries where it is not well established.

The first training took place in Bucharest, and was organised by FONSS, the Romanian Federation of non-governmental organisations involved in providing social services to vulnerable groups. The second was held in Athens, and was organised by the organisation EEA Margarita, including guest speakers such as Dr. Gabriel Amitsis, University of West Attica, and the Secretary for Social Solidarity and the Fight Against Poverty from the Greek Ministry of Labour. The Social Employers will lead two more trainings over the next month, one in Portugal and one in Poland.

The two day trainings are divided into two parts. The first gives a general introduction to principles of social dialogue, its foundations and objectives, the actors involved in the making of social dialogue, the structuring and recognition as well as various legislation at national and EU level. The second part is dedicated to looking at examples of social dialogue through testimonies and exchange of good practices.

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