Social dialogue Committee for Local and Regional Government adopts new work programme

(10 November 2017) The Committee for local and regional government bringing together EPSU and CEMR members have adopted a new work programme for 2018-2019. One of the main aims of the programme is to develop and deepen existing work and to focus on implementation.

The  work programme addresses among other issues:

  • Economic governance: the European Commission will support a two-year project ‘localising the Economic Semester’ that will address the participation and role of local government social partners in the National Reform Programmes. Local governments have little room to manoeuvre to influence the European Semester Process.
  • Well-being at work: EPSU and CEMR will further develop the framework of actions adopted in 2016 dealing with restructuring, well-being and future of the sector
  • Gender equality: the social dialogue committee will follow-up and promote the revised gender equality action plan. The revised plan was also adopted with the new work programme.

For further info see the LRG section of EPSU’s website