Slovenia – unions protesting the lack of social dialogue and disregard of the trade unions

28 May 2021 day of action in Slovenia

(28 May 2021) The Slovenian unions are protesting the lack of social dialogue and negotiations over major reforms that negatively impact on workers, 28 May. The unions have left the Social-Economic Council as the government is disrespectful of its role and the unions have called it a farce. The government is further not consulting on the national plans for the recovery despite the EU declarations to do so.  5 confederations including ZSSS, Pergam and the public service confederation KSJS will join protests of other groups in the capital city Ljubljana. The government is increasingly behaving in an authoritarian manner. Respect for democracy and the rule of law are key demands of the protestors. Slovenia assumes the presidency of the EU in July. It’s government does not act according to the recently adopted Porto declaration and commitments.  EPSU has sent the confederations and the affiliates a letter of solidarity.

The press statement of the 5 confederations

Porto Declaration of the Council including upcoming Presidency Slovenia “The social dimension, social dialogue and the active involvement of social partners have always been at the core of a highly competitive social market economy. “

Porto commitments