Situation in Prison Services - Poland

( 5 April 2022) Andrzej Kolodziejski, President of the of the National Prison Section of NSZZ Solidarność in Poland, wrote to the Committee of Justice and Human Rights to ask for support in their efforts to introduce necessary changes in the Prison Service: 

"The Prison Service lacks human resources. Hundreds of guards, educators, psychologists and support staff are needed for proper functioning in safe conditions, while maintaining the principle of mutual insurance of officers while performing official duties in contact with inmates.

Without a significant strengthening of the staff of our formation, without proper management based on the appropriate hierarchy of values, without improving the security and conditions of service, without transparent rules and procedures, without respect for our hard and dangerous service behind the walls of pre-trial detention centers and prisons surrounded by criminals, without stopping the outflow of experienced staff, without the full staffing of all official positions, we will not be able to effectively protect society against perpetrators of crimes, it will not be possible to effectively rehabilitate, it will not be possible for the proper functioning of our penitentiary system. Without systemic change, we can, as a formation, find ourselves at a critical point."

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