Single Permit Directive must strengthen rights for migrant workers in Europe

joint statement SPD 15 November

(15 November 2023) EPSU has joined seventeen other European networks and organisations representing trade unions and NGOs to call on European policymakers not to trap migrant workers in exploitation by ensuring a meaningful right to change employer and to ensure full equal treatment.

The Spanish Presidency and European Parliament are working to reach a compromise on the revision of the EU Single Permit Directive, which creates a simplified application procedure for both work and residence permits and aims to promote equal and fair treatment of migrant workers. The remaining points of contention are the biggest game changers, those which can make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of migrant workers and their families, as well as employers: the right to change employer, the time period for processing permit applications and equal treatment.

Real improvements must be made to the current proposal to strengthen the protection of migrant rights. Without changes outlined in the joint statement, the revision risks becoming a regression in the rights of migrant workers.

Read the full joint statement here