Securing High-skilled Green Jobs in the Gas Sector is Integral to the Just Transition

EPSU IndustriAll, Eurogas, just transition joint statement gas

(Press Release - Brussels, 23 November 2020) Today the European trade union federations, EPSU and industriAll, and the industry association Eurogas, adopted a common position on the Just Transition in the Green Deal. Ensuring the socially responsible transition to renewable and decarbonised gases will provide high-quality employment for Europeans and help achieve climate objectives.

Jan Willem Goudriaan, General Secretary of EPSU, stated: “The next five years will be critical for the future of Europe. Reaching the climate goals and a carbon neutral economy must be our first priority. Fulfilling this goal must be done in an inclusive way in which workers in the gas sector have a future. Trade Unions and Employers from private and public companies need to take responsibility and negotiate a just transition for workers, while ensuring people’s accessibility to clean energy”.

Judith Kirton-Darling, Deputy General Secretary of industriAll Europe added that “Succeeding in a fair transition of the gas sector to decarbonisation will also contribute to the transition of other large-scale gas consumers, such as energy-intensive industries. Showing that we can offer a just transition for those workers in the gas sector and the industrial value chains will be leading by example on a global level not only in a climate perspective, but also in sustainable employment perspective.” 

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson, concluded: “The EU industrial policies should strive to provide Europe with its own means to achieve carbon-neutrality. The deployment of new gas technologies, including those producing renewable and decarbonised gas, will guarantee high-quality, non-seasonal jobs in the gas sector.”

Note to editors: European social dialogue refers to discussions, consultations, negotiations and joint actions involving organisations representing the two sides of industry (employers and workers).