Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Hospital Sector, 7 December 2007Follow Up

EPSU HOSPEEM Code of Conduct and Follow Up on Ethical Cross-border

Recruitment and Retention in the Hospital Sector

On 7 December 2007 representatives from EPSU and HOSPEEM met each other in
the Hospital Sector Social Dialogue Committee to discuss, amongst others, about the
subject of ethical cross-border recruitment. In the past year the Social Dialogue
working group on Recruitment & Retention has looked at the issue of health workers
migration, and more specifically at the unethical practices that occur in that area.
Employers and trade union representatives decided that social partners in the hospital
sector should take the lead and start effectively promoting and implementing ethical
recruitment practices in their policies and at the workplaces in order to ensure that
migrant workers in the EU-countries receive a decent and fair treatment.

EPSU and HOSPEEM representatives therefore developed a joint code of conduct in
which the main principles and commitments of social partners, concerning ethical
cross-border recruitment in the hospital sector, are listed. This text has been discussed
in the meeting of 7 December 2007 and both Social Partners agreed on the content.
HOSPEEM and EPSU representatives decided that they would recommend their
members to approve and endorse this Code of Conduct on cross-border ethical

For this reason we sent you herewith the result of the sectoral Social Dialogue
negotiations and ask you to agree on the text. In order to be able to use the text in our
contacts and lobby work with the Commission in the spring of 2008, EPSU and
HOSPEEM would like to sign the text before February 2008.

We therefore request you to contact us as soon as possible but at latest by the 21st of
January 2008
, if you have any serious objections to the present text of the Code of Conduct.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions on the content of the
Circular, the Code of Conduct or the procedure.

For the meeting documents of 7 December and the EPSU HOSPEEM Code of Conduct and Follow Up on Ethical Cross-border, Recruitment and Retention in the Hospital Sector (in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish) CLICK HERE

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