Running a successful union campaign

EPSU 5th webinar Recruitment and Organising 02 June 2021

(9 June 2021) EPSU held the 5th webinar of its recruitment and organizing network on 2 June discussing the methods and strategies in “How to run a successful trade union campaign”. The seminar brought together more than 50 participants across Europe, representing 40 unions.

Antti Mäki, coordinator at Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) in Finland, presented on the learning curve of Finnish blue-collar trade union movement’s big organising campaigns, with some insights in how these were applied during the latest general election campaign. The main focus of his presentation was on the process of an organising campaign, sharing models of campaigns at both in workplace and national levels.

Sanja Šprem and Ana Tuškan, respectively president and general secretary of the Trade Union of Croatian Teachers talked about the biggest trade union strike in Croatia and the region in the past 30 years, organized by three teacher unions. They explained how they worked with members and how they organized to build the strike. This culminated with the 36 days of circular national strike in 2019 which ended successfully, securing the key union demands.

The discussion was very lively and followed up with the several questions to the union of Croatian teachers, expressing support for this great trade union success.

The presentations by the speakers can be found at the bottom of the page and the next webinar is planned for September.

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