Romanian young trade unionists meet

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From September 26 until September 28 around 30 young trade union members have meet near Brasov, in Romania, to train on negotiating and discuss about the future of trade unions and young workers in Romania.

The seminar organiser by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) as requested by the local Romanian affiliates had about 30 participants from the four sectors of EPSU (Health and Social Services, Local and Regional Government, National Administration and Utilities). The participants, mostly women, had specific formation on negotiating skills, communication techniques, the EPSU work at the European level and the new labour code in Romania.

The federations that sent representatives to the seminar were: Sanitas, Univers, Publisind, Columna, Hipocrat, FSLSP, Sed Lex, Servicii Publice & Gaz Medias.

The attacks by the Romanian Government to labour and trade union rights were discuss in full and the link was made to the need of a prompt and energetic response to these attacks. Also the recently created EPSU network was presented hoping that Romanian affiliates will be able to collaborate amongst themselves to be able to mainstream youth issues within the trade unions at all levels of the organisation.

The EPSU youth network will have its first gathering in Brussels on December 12 and 13. The debates and experiences shared at this seminar will be extremely useful for EPSU affiliates to ensure that a succesful youth policy is put in place.

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