Romanian unions explore joint action with EPSU, ETF and ETUC over government attacks

21 May 2021 Meeting with EPSU Romanian Affiliates

(25 May 2021) The government has proposed legislation that would weaken the unions like taxing them or taking away the check-off system. Several ministers do not engage in consultations like over the national recovery plans. Others accuse union leaders of being criminal for organizing industrial action and strikes to oppose restructuring and commercialization of public services. And the health minister does not implement the agreement with the unions to give health workers additional pay for working in dangerous situations, and for very long hours. Social workers in elderly care and who were exposed, saw many infections, hospitalisations and even deaths did not get anything. To discuss these proposals and the steps to take, affiliates of European Transport Workers Union Federation, of EPSU, the confederations and the ETUC met leaders of the unions.  We look at the various steps to expose the violations of trade union rights and union busting tactics of the government. The government should live up to the commitments in the European Pillar and the recently adopted Porto Commitments  and Porto Declaration.

The EPSU and ETF General Secretaries as well as the ETUC Deputy General Secretary took part.

The meeting took place 21 May 2021, online.