Romanian unions demand strengthening of social dialogue and collective bargaining rights

Romanian unions and EPSU delegation discussed the preparation for EPSU Congress 2024
Romanian unions and EPSU delegation discussed the preparation for EPSU Congress 2024

(14 September 2021)  Collective bargaining has been under pressure for years in Romania. Sectoral bargaining has been made very difficult. More recently the government undermined the social dialogue by transforming in a mere information process. The pandemic was used to prevent larger demonstrations and limit the right to strike in many sectors. These limits will soon come to an end and negotiations will start in many companies and sectors.  The EPSU General Secretary met with the Romanian unions to discuss these problems and explore common approaches including a possible mission of the European trade unions led by ETUC. The government is currently in a fragile state a ministers of one of the parties left the government including those responsible for health and transport. With vaccination levels slowly going up, the government wants to impose mandatory vaccination of certain groups of workers. Unions voiced opposition to this. He also met with the suspended leader of ATU. The union is involved in a battle with the government following the union’s opposition to the dismissal of workers in the metro and the spontaneous walk-out to protest these plans. ETF and EPSU have been supporting the union.

The unions discussed the preparation for Congress and a delegation of EPSU visited various places to explore their suitability for the Congress in 2024. Bucharest will be a very interesting city for the trade union delegates and Romanian unions will welcome all with open arms and great expectations. The visit took place on 8-9 September 2021.

For the support of ETF and EPSU for the ATU union.   

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