Right2water is voted next week in Plenary

ECI Right2WATer logos

(17 October 2018) On October 23rd the European Parliament will vote the report of MEP Michel Dantin concerning  the Drinking Water Directive, as we have explained before this is the first legal reference to the ECI Right2water and the Human Right to water in European Union legislation.

The report of the MEP has done some improvements of the original text but there is still room for improvement, that is why EPSU, the European Water Movement and other groups that are the core campaign of the ECI Right2water are lobbying all democratic MEPs in the European Parliament to support a strong commitment for the provision of universal access to water. This demand is one of the criteria of the Human Right to water together with quality, accessibility, affordability and cultural acceptance.

We hope the MEPs will listen to the demands of the organized civil society and will vote in favour of the alternative compromise amendments table with the progressive forces in the European Parliament.