The right angle on Europe for public service unions

Seminar for EPSU affiliated union communications personnel

Brussels 5-6 December

Coordinated Campaigning and Communications

The European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) is staging a seminar for press officers, editors and other communications professionals working for its affiliated unions.

This event, which will be held on 5-6 December in Brussels, seeks to create a flexible but coherent communications strategy, coordinating the communications activity of EPSU members in different countries. The means by which this may be achieved will also be explored.

Coordinating campaign and communications activity is vital to ensure that the collective voice of Europe's public sector unions is heard in Brussels and elsewhere. It is also important that the European Union (EU) is clearly and simply explained to members in the workplace.

For example, the seminar will provide:

- union/user-friendly sources and information on all aspects of EU trade union relevant policies, programmes and legislation. It will introduce EPSU and what it does and how it campaigns in Brussels.

- a platform in Brussels facilitating contact with colleagues from the trade union press from across Europe and with mainstream journalists in the Brussels press corps - the largest in the world. Contact with members of the European Parliament (MEPs), EU institution officials and others will also be facilitated.

- Laying the foundations for a central hub and clearing-house for effective information exchange and communication, as well as a network with a visible community of interest is also envisaged.

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