Revision of the EWC Directive and implications for negotiations

(18 May 2009) The EPSU EWC Coordinators network considered the consequences of the Recast of the EWC Directive as agreed between Council, Commission and Parliament in December 2008. Romuald Jagodzinski of the European Trade Union Institute gave an overview of the changes and their implications for EWCs. Information and Consultation rights have been strengthened, the possibilities of the EWC to bring a company to Court have been recognized as well as the place an EWC has in the companies Information and Consultation processes. It can not be relegated to second place. He combined this also with specific court cases and their consequences. With the new Directive and the Court cases it becomes clear that EWCs can be a force to be reckoned with. The EPSU EWC Coordinators guidelines are to be adapted in the light of this.

Other issues discussed:
- Procedures and Mandates for Transnational Agreements. The EPSU EWC Coordinators considered a range of issues and recommended the paper to the Standing Committee Utilities;
- Progress with the European Private Company Statute. While there have been improvements especially with regard to workers’ representation, the text remains open to abuse. Its relation with other legislation such as the European Company Statute is not clear.
- An overview of recently agreed EWC agreements such as those of ENEL and GdF-Suez

The next meeting of the EPSU EWC Coordinators will be 28 September 2009, Luxembourg

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