Resisting financial market dictatorship and reclaiming democracy and social rights

(16 April 2012) Trade unionists, anti-poverty campaigners, indignados, social activists and many others discussed how to oppose the policies Europe’s conservative political elites and corporations are pushing upon workers and citizens, 29-30 March 2012, Brussels. The around 150 representatives of 40 organisations from 20 countries also debated coordination of actions against these policies promoted by national governments and European Commission. Representatives of EPSU affiliates participated actively in the Conference. The EPSU Deputy General Secretary addressed a seminar on the impact of the austerity measures on public services and EPSU General Secretary spoke in the final closing panel. The Joint Social Conference expressed its support for a number of key European events such as the actions against the European Central Bank, 17-19 May 2012. The Joint Social Conference also say the EPSU Water Campaign as a key initiative in the opposition to European policies. More information is available at: [>]. The conference will also prepare an alternative summit for democracy in Europe: [>] The Final Declaration in EN and in FR: