Report on Syrian refugees and the Greek State

(1st September 2015) Greek EPSU affiliate Adedy provided us with a report on the situation of refugees in Greece (see below). It is based on information of Adedy and the Hellenic League for Human Rights. It details the challenges faced by the Greek state and the failure to address these. It also sets out the demands to address the situation of the Greek organisations. Another important development to note in the context of the growing group of Syrian refugees has been [the suspension of the Dublin convention on refugees by Germany->]. This responds to a [call of the EPSU Executive->] in April 2015. EPSU's highest decision making body calls for: "Immediate suspension of the Dublin Convention according to which the EU country of arrival is responsible for processing the asylum claims of applicants, placing an unfair strain on countries involved in the rescue operations, in this case Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain, and Cyprus."