Report EPSU 8th Congress: "Partnership with the public sector is paramount in the EU energy sector"

European Commissioner for Energy addresses EPSU Congress

(11 June 2009, Brussels) “There can be no energy dialogue without social dialogue”, said the European Commissioner for Energy, Andris Piebalgs. Mr. Piebalgs was speaking at the 8th Congress of the European Federation of Public Service Workers. In an exchange with congress delegates he emphasised that partnership with the public sector is paramount in the EU energy sector.

The Commissioner emphasised the importance of high-skilled jobs, and called on the social partners to develop sustainable job policies for the future.

The Commissioner outlned the links between the sustainable jobs programme of the Commission and the Energy Commissioner’s plans for combating climate change. He spoke of a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020, an increase in renewable energy (use from 9 to 20 percent), by the same date, and a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency.

The Commissioner praised EPSU’s committment to quality jobs in the Energy sector and stated that he would continue to call on EPSU experience in the sector.

In response, EPSU chair of the Public Utilities Committe, Sven Bergelin, stressed the importance of working within the public sector to keep the democratic and transparent link betweent the energy sector and the citizens who use it. He thanked the Commissioner for his genuine engagement with EPSU over the last 5 years.

Commissioner A. PIEBALGS speech:

final adopted text of the Congress resolution