Report of EC conference “Trade Union Practices on Non-Discrimination and Diversity”

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(19 February 2020) A large number of EPSU affiliates took part in a  conference on 17 October 2019 organised by the European Commission’s DG for Justice and Consumers to discuss the findings of a report on trade union practices against discrimination at the workplace from 2010 onwards.

The EC-backed report will be available on line on 18 March 2020, to coincide with a meting of a  high level group of government representatives on equality and diversity.

It is a follow-up to a previous study in 2010, consisting of 21 case studies from 15 EU member states, 5 of which were presented at the conference, and a useful overview of the EU legal framework against discrimination based on ethnic origin, religion/belief, disability, age and sexual orientation as well as gender equality which is dealt with in separate EU directives.