Questionnaire on women's representation in EPSU and affiliates

In 2009 EPSU, with the support of our Swedish affiliate Vision (then SKTF), carried out a survey of women’s representation in affiliates’ decision-making bodies and other structures. This compared data from 2008 and 2000 to see to what extent the position of women had changed over that period.

The survey findings were published in a report that was presented to the EPSU Executive Committee in November 2009, Women’s representation in EPSU and affiliates, which you can find here and the detailed statistics are available in a separate table which you will find below.

The report to the Executive Committee said: “The survey shows there is still a lot of work to do for women and men to take part equally in trade union work at all levels. There are some good practices available but the general picture can be much improved.”

We now want to update the survey to see whether there has been any improvement in the position of women since 2009.

We have retained the format of the 2009 questionnaire but have removed one question to make the it a little easier to complete. We have also kept to the same languages as before: French, German, Spanish and Russian.

If your union replied to the survey last time then you will see the relevant statistics in the table below and so you will only need to provide data for 2012.

We hope, of course, that more affiliates will reply this time so that we have a even better picture of the position of women across EPSU’s member organisations.

- Results of women's representation survey

- Questionnaires 2013