Put People First!

G20 leaders will meet at the London Summit on 2 April to address the global financial crisis.
On 28th March, thousands of people will march through London as part of a global campaign to challenge the G20 ahead of the summit. Peter Waldorff, PSI general secretary, will attend the rally and a round-table discussion hosted by UNISON.
The platform of unions, development agencies, faith and environmental groups will tell world leaders that only just, fair and sustainable policies can lead the world out of recession. Under the banner Put People First - March for Jobs, Justice and Climate, the groups will demand decent jobs and public services for all, an end to global poverty and inequality, and a green economy.

The organisations backing Put People First say: “Recession must not be an excuse for putting off action for global justice or to stop climate chaos. The only sustainable way to rebuild the global economy is to create a fair distribution of wealth that provides decent jobs and public services for all, ends global inequality and builds a low carbon future.

TUC (UK Trade Union Congress) General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “People are angry at the job losses caused by this recession made in the world’s banks and at the slow response of world leaders to the challenges of poverty and climate change.

“But while these are going to be desperately tough times, the collapse of free market fundamentalism and the big changes already brought about by President Obama provide the hope that world leaders can change course and start to build a fair and sustainable world.”

PSI's UK affiliates are backing the march.

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