Public Services and Commons Intergroup set up

12 February 2015, new EP Intergroup on Common goods and public services
(24 February 2015) On February 12, the Members of the European Parliament voted to establish a new Intergroup on Public Services and Commons. This follows up on the previous Public Services Intergroup but broadens its horizon in a field which is very dear to the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) since the first successful ECI was carried through.

Public Services are something that are defined by the European Commission in the framework of the Services of General Interest, the Services of General Economic Interest and Article 14. Although with a proper framework, that EPSU demands, there are legal definitions about it. Commons are different way to manage some of what today we call public services, such as water, culture or knowledge. The Intergroup has as a working target to start developing a political agenda around these two issues.

After years of failed liberalisations and privatisations, the current debates on Commons and Public Services are very much linked to remunicipalisations and stopping privatisation, fields in which EPSU is in the vanguard.

We welcome the decision of MEPs to start working on such issues and we will provide as much support as needed to make such a parliamentary body as successful as possible.

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