Public Service Day 2023: Juliet Schor on public services, working time reduction, and the path to fundamental change

Public Services Day teaser

(27 June 2023) EPSU welcomed Prof. Juliet Schor, a distinguished economist and sociologist, for a thought-provoking webinar on 22 June to mark United Nations Public Service Day. The webinar provided valuable insights into the need for fundamental change in our economic model and the pivotal role that public services and working time reduction play in driving this transformation. Prof. Schor's expertise and research align closely with the discussions held during the Conference on Beyond Growth, reinforcing the importance of public services as a catalyst for change.

With a longstanding advocacy for working time reduction and its relationship to climate justice, Prof. Juliet Schor brought a valuable perspective that echoed ESPU’s beliefs that fundamental change is essential to tackle the climate crisis. Her presentation shed light on the significance of public services in tackling the climate crisis, achieving social justice, and safeguarding the well-being of individuals and the environment. The webinar offered participants a valuable opportunity to explore how public services can act as a crucial pillar in the transition to a 'Beyond Growth' Europe.

During the webinar, Prof. Schor delivered an engaging presentation, emphasising the role of working time reduction in realising climate justice and its implications for reshaping our economic system. Drawing from extensive research and expertise, she highlighted the pivotal position of public services in driving transformative change. The webinar with Prof. Schor underscored the discussions held during the recent Conference on Beyond Growth organised by the European Parliament. Participants at the conference acknowledged the pivotal role of public services as a crucial component of the transformative change needed to achieve climate justice and societal equality.

Watch the full webinar here. Find Prof. Schor’s presentation here.

Read an op-ed from EPSU, ETF, ETUCE and EuroCOP exploring the role public services can play in a ‘beyond growth’ Europe here.