Public debate on the future of Europe’s energy system

lunch debate on the future of Europe’s energy system - EPSU 10 December 2019

(31st October 2019) On the 10th December, EPSU is opening up a public debate on the future of Europe’s energy system. In light of the European Green Deal and the European Commission’s commitment to a Just Transition, EPSU is bringing together environmentalists and trade unionists discuss the framework of the continent’s energy system.

The liberalisation of the energy system has provided few answers to the advancing climate crises. At this event, Dr Vera Weghmann will present her recently published report, commissioned by EPSU, “Going Public: A Decarbonised, Affordable and Democratic Energy System”. The report analyses and assesses the past 20 years of liberalisation within the energy system in Europe, highlighting some of the failures, and offering alternatives for the future.

The report raises a number of important questions on Europe’s energy system which will be examined and expanded upon in a panel debate with Secretary General of EPSU, Jan Willem Goudriaan, Director of Friends of Earth Europe, Jagoda Munić, and Confederal Secretary of The European Trade Union Confederation, Ludovic Voet. The panellists will discuss different models for the energy system to reach a decarbonised economy in a socially just manner, and look at the benefits of taking the energy system back into public ownership.

The panel debate will be followed by a light networking lunch.