PSI staff meet to build the Global Federation and discuss programme of work

EPSU PSI Staff meeting February 2024

(28 February 2024) The staff of the Global organisation met to discuss the follow up of the PSI Congress that took place 12-18 October 2023. The meeting brought together staff from the 4 corners of the earth. Working together, how to set and address priorities and focusing on getting results for the world’s public sector workers were among the issues addressed. The EPSU General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary joined to contribute to the discussions and share experiences. EPSU colleagues Adam Rogalewski and Samatha Howe joined for the strategy sessions that covered health and social care workers and Agnieszka Ghinararu joined to address organising workers in the unions looking at the experience of the EPSU organising team.

The meeting took place 6-9 February 2024, Ferney Voltaire, France.

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