PSI Film "Sharp Sense - Promoting the safety of health care workers"

In 2011 PSI produced the film "Sharp Sense - Promoting the Safety of Health Care Workers" designed to lower the risk of exposure for health care workers and the risk of consequences of exposure to pathogens in blood and other body fluids of patients caused by needlestick/sharps injuries.

The film has been made available in English, French and Portuguese.

The booklet (EN - Sharp sense / FR - Le bon sens des aiguilles / PT - Cuidado com as seringas) can be consulted here

The short description on the film on PSI's website reads: "Healthcare workers face the risk every day of exposure to bloodborne pathogens because of needlestick injuries. In this short video, a nurse, an HIV/AIDS counsellor and an HIV/AIDS physician share their personal experiences with needlestick injuries. This program stresses basic protection and prevention, personal coping with needlestick injuries, and management of potential risk with post-exposure prophylaxis. It underscores the importance of occupational health and safety interventions by health worker trade unions and hospital management."

Please find more information on the on the EPSU-HOSPEEM Framework Agreement on Prevention from Sharp Injuries in the Hospital and Health Care Sector signed in 2009 and Directive 2010/32/EU on EPSU's relevant section on our webpage.