Proposal to establish a working group on promoting sector social dialogue in the countries of the Energy Community

Adopted by the social partners on 13 Septembre 2013

Working group of the electricity sectoral social dialogue committee: Promoting the social dialogue in the countries of the Energy Community

The European social partners for the electricity sector have contributed to the development of the social dimension of the Energy Community since 2008 when the Memorandum on the Social Aspects of the Energy Community was signed in Vienna. Key policy areas that needed to be addressed by the Contracting parties were:
- Promoting social dialogue
- Addressing Management of Change
- Developing the Social Dimension
- The MoU underlines the responsibility of the Energy Community and its members (the Contracting Parties)
- To establish national working groups with the social partners and consult them on important energy and social policies concerning the sector
- To develop social action plans
- To contribute to the Social Forum which brings together employers, trade unions, government representatives and regulators.

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