Promoting social dialogue in Energy Community crucial say EU social partners

(23 September 2013) The trade unions agreed with the employers represented by Eurelectric to establish a working group to promote the social dialogue in the countries of the Energy Community starting with the Former Yugoslav republics. The working group would seek to engage employers and trade union representatives from these energy community countries. The social dialogue can concentrate on the issues of importance for the Energy Community such as the social consequences of the implementation of the legislation and rules of the Internal Market and the regional energy strategy, as well as progress with the social actions plans and other issues the social partners can agree on. The work could be supported by the Energy Community Secretariat and the European Commission’s Employment and Social Affairs.

Other issues on the agenda of the social partners:

Energy and Innovation The European Commission is working on an integrated roadmap to promote investment in research and to stimulate the deployment of new technologies. It will be linked to the Energy 2030 roadmap. The presentation (see below) was made by Mrs. Norela Constantinescu's of DG energy. It also covers some employment statistics that will be part of the employment study which will be presented by the Commission in November. The social partners noted that the research should also consider the social (employment) dimension.

Corporate Social Responsibility The employers side presented a number of suggestions for updating the previous statement focusing on implementation and national discussion while linking it with the Frame Work of Actions. A written contribution is forthcoming.

Energy Policy The social partners will seek to draft a common opinion on Energy 2030 stressing the importance of Just Transition and based on their earlier position on the energy roadmap 2050.

Nuclear Safety Directive A presentation (see below) on the amended nuclear safety directive was made by Jan Jilek, of DG Energy. He stressed the importance of the contribution of the social partners. The directive for the first time now recognized the importance of the health and safety regime for subcontracted workers and had specific points regarding the training of workers in the industry. The social partners confirmed their contribution. He also presented the public consultation on nuclear liability and insurance. The individual social partners have not defined their positions yet. EPSU will discuss this at the Standing Committee on 23 September.

Skills Council Project The social partners continued their dialogue on how to proceed with the project. The organisations there were initially interested are being contacted and the social partners agreed to have a small working group look at the project.

Working on promoting the social dialogue in the Energy Community
Following the joint position adopted in March and the joint intervention in the Social Forum in April the social partners agreed to establish a joint working group to promote the social dialogue in the countries of the Energy Community.

The EPSU delegation included representatives from Belgium. Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Roumania, Spain, Sweden, UK and the EPSU Deputy General Secretary. The meeting took place on 13 September 2013 in Brussels. The next meeting is foreseen for 15 November 2013.

- Energy Technologies and Innovation in Europe-, presentation by Norela Constantinescu, DG Energy, European Commission

- Proposal for a Council Directive amending-Directive 2009/71/EURATOM establishing a Community framework for the nuclear safety of nuclear installations, presentation by Jan Jilek, Directorate-General for Energy
Unit D1 – Nuclear safety architecture-and multilateral & international cooperation, European Commission