Prison overcrowding - THE CAUSES

-Brutal working and living conditions have brutal results-


Prison Action day 28 February 2008

The CAUSES of Prison Overcrowding in the EU

-# ‘Lock them up' is seen as the main solution to crime
-# Privatised prisons see prisoners as ‘products' to be mass-produced for profit
-# 20% of Europe's prison population, 30% in France and Belgium, are those waiting for trial (remand)
-# Non-custodial measures (electronic tagging, community work) are not adequately promoted
-# Prisons are becoming a dumping ground for difficult social and/or health problems (long term mentally ill/ drug users/ undocumented entrants to the EU)
-# Insufficient investment in preventative social measures
-# Quick fix solutions of ‘new beds in old dumps' not improved facilities

Interesting fact! There is no connection between an increase in prison population and a decrease in crime rate.

-Brutal working and living conditions have brutal results-