Prison action day, and social dialogue update top NEA COMMITTEE

{{{Prison action day, and social dialogue update top NEA COMMITTEE
agenda, 17 October 2007, Copenhagen
Tributes also made to departing NEA chairperson}}}
{updates} {{1. Day of Action on 28 February 2008 to protest against prison overcrowding in Europe}}
10 Countries have accepted to take part in the European Day of Action which was our initial target. The NEA committee meeting reiterated its full support for the Action Day which will consist of a demonstration in Brussels and coordinated events in the countries. Overcrowding in prisons is a serious concern which leads to deteriorating and in some cases life-threatening working and living conditions. The European trade union delegation in Brussels will include reps from Belgium (large numbers from CCSP and CGSP); Norway (5 delegates from YS-KY) Spain (15 delegates from CCCO)l Sweden: 5 delegates; France: (50 delegates from CGT-UGSP) and the UK (PCS) Affiliates who wish to take part in the Brussels Action Day event should let the EPSU secretariat know by {{2 November 2007}}. {{2. Social dialogue}}
Following the significant progress achieved under the German presidency last June with the adoption of a social dialogue action plan by the EU ministers for public administration, the Committee discussed the content of the plan. It is reminded that this plan aims to test in practice “a formal social dialogue” from January 2008 until December 2009.. The committee discussed and endorsed the 3 key foundation documents for the setting up of the formal social dialogue Test Phase as follows - Rules of procedure: - Workprogramme: - Evaluation indicators; The documents will be amended in the light of this discussion and sent to EUPAN members, the employers' network for the state sector, in time for the next meeting of the social dialogue Taskforce meeting on 19 November in Brussels. EPSU in its capacity as coordinator of TUNED will attend the meeting of the Troika DG on 26 October, Lisbon, for a progress report on the social dialogue test phase formation. The meeting will also discuss performance evaluation of managers in the public sector. This will be the theme of the next informal meeting between TUNED and EU directors General for public administration on 10 or 11 December 2007 in Lisbon. {{3. Peter Waldorff, NEA chair, elected as PSI General Secretary}}
This was the last Committee meeting chaired by P. Waldorff who has been elected PSI general secretary. The Committee designated C. Cochrane, Committee Vice President, Head of Research in PCS, as interim President before elections at the spring 2008 Committee meeting. The Committee thanked Peter for his astounding work for the past 7 years as NEA president as well as , for the past 2 years, as TUNED spokesperson. Peter has also been a member of the EPSU Executive Committee for many years.