"Prevention on Needlestick Injuries"

Hospital Sector - Social Dialogue

Technical Seminar

“Prevention on Needlestick Injuries”

7 February 2008, Brussels


As announced at the plenary Hospital Sector Social Dialogue Committee meeting on the 7th of December 2007, the European Commission will organise in collaboration with EPSU and HOSPEEM a technical seminar on the prevention of needlestick injuries.
We have the pleasure to invite you herewith to this meeting on 7 February 2008. Please find the draft agenda and participation form attached.

This meeting is part of a follow-up to the first-stage consultation by the Commission on this topic. The consultation and the EPSU and ETUC replies to the consultation are available on the EPSU-website. The objective of the meeting is to explore as social partners the existing situation and policies on needle stick injuries at EU, national and local level and to discuss the opportunities for a joint European social dialogue initiative in this field.

We would therefore like to ask you to inform us about any interesting initiatives on the prevention of needlestick injuries in your country. We are mostly interested in examples where social partners took joint action, but we also would like to hear about other instructive cases of trade union, employer or government activities and policies.
Please send your examples to us by the 18th of January 2008, and please let us know also, whether you would be available to give a presentation on this example at the seminar.

The meeting is open to standing committee members and/or health & safety experts of the trade unions active in the Hospital Sector Social Dialogue Committee. Please take into account that the number of reimbursed seats available is in principle limited to one per EU Member State. We request you therefore to discuss your participation with the colleagues in your country. More concrete information about the Commission reimbursement rules will be sent with the official European Commission invitation.

You will then receive also the name and the address of the venue and the available interpretation facilities.

Please fill in the attached participation form and return it by 18 January 2008 at the very latest.