Presentation on first results of mapping project

(25 May 2012) The European social partners for the electricity sector have engaged in a so-called mapping project. A representative of ConsultingEuropa presented the first results of the work undertaken to the Steering Committee of employers and trade unions. The number of countries in which there is a body dedicated to the skills, qualifications and labour market research focused on the electricity sector is rather limited. Other bodies involved included training providers, research groups and institutes linked to public authorities. A large number of questions were posed, comments and criticisms made. The Steering Committee decided to continue to validate the work done so far. The next meeting will also focus on developing a questionnaire to explore the contacts further and a programme for the conference on 15 November. The meeting took place on 24 May 2012, in Brussels. EPSU was represented by a colleague from Gazelco (BE) and the EPSU Deputy General Secretary. The next meeting will be on 20 June.