Portuguese parliament will consider Right2Water again

(7 November 2016) With a new and more progressive majority in Parliament, a law that was voted down by the conservative parties will be considered again. This initiative, originally coming from the movement Água de todos, is supposed to be presented once again to the Parliament after having been rejected by the former coalition.

On October 18th, Portuguese citizens met up in front of the Parliament in order to call for the adoption of the draft bill. The newly nominated coalition, which showed support to the initiative in the past, will now have to turn words into actions.

The Portuguese Parliament is expected to vote on this project in the coming weeks. EPSU strongly supports the adoption of the draft bill and reiterates its call for Right2Water and public management of water services across Europe.

Water is not a commodity!  Every European citizen should have access to affordable drinking water and sanitation.

Press release from Agua de Todos (in Portuguese)