Plans to privatise air traffic control body cause major strikes in Italy

Strike - demo in Italy 16 September 2020

(16th September 2020) Today, Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp, and Uil Pa, are holding strikes to protest the plans to restructure and privatise the ENAC air traffic control body. Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Paola Di Michaeli has refused to listen to the views of the trade unions, and ignores the fact that she is attempting to push through a policy not even attempted by Conservative governments in the UK that have been at the forefront of privatisation of public bodies.

ENAC is a core public service which is crucial to guarantee safety in air transport. Research for EPSU clearly shows that there is growing evidence that privatisation has not delivered the benefits claimed for it, particularly in relation to efficiency. The government needs to rethink its proposals and fully engage with the trade unions in any discussions about reform and restructuring of ENAC.

It is unacceptable that Minister Di Michaeli will not consult with the unions. EPSU stands in solidarity with the actions taking place today as well as any further action needed to take to block privatisation and force the government into a proper process of consultation.