PESSIS II Project - Final Conference 23 September 2014

-You can find all the outcome documents of the PESSIS 2 project on its official webpage

- PESSIS 2 Project: Agenda Final Conference - in EN and FR

N.B.: The agenda in EN is the final version of 16 September 2014, the agenda in FR is the draft version of 16 July 2014.

N.B.: Other documents to prepare the meeting have been uploaded here.

PESSIS 2 European Report


- Presentation Country Report Bulgaria

- Presentation Country Report Czech Republic

- Presentation Country Report Italy

- Presentation Country Report Lithuania

- Presentation Country Report Poland

- Presentation Country Report Sweden

- Action 1: Mapping Exercise on Structures and Main Actors of Social Dialogue in the Sector of Social Services in 17 EU MS (Jane Lethbridge, PSIRU/University of Greenwich)

- Action 2 and 3: Summary Information on Consultations at National Level (in A, B, D, F and NL) and at European Level

Press Release EASPD

Background information

- PESSIS 1 - European Summary Report, including all 11 country reports

  • PESSIS 1 Project: European Summary Report (including all 11 country reports) [pp. 1-250">countries covered: A, B, D, E, F, FIN, GB (only for Scotland), GR, IRL, NL and SLO] (EN)

  • - PESSIS 1 - European Report