The path to sustainable development: For a people-friendly public administration!

(3 April 2014) The statement For a people-friendly administration was adopted on 1 April 2014 by the Executive Committee of EPSU.

The statement is part of EPSU’s anti-austerity campaigns as public administrations (central, local and regional levels) have lost (at least) more than 1 million jobs since the start of the crisis (EC estimates, 2013).

It is a response to the Commission’s public administration reform agenda that focuses exclusively, and in some cases offensively and unilaterally, on business needs, as opposed to administration reforms that should benefit all under the guiding principle of the general interest, a people-friendly administration.

Framing public administration reforms purely in terms of reducing administrative burdens for business, without consideration, on the one hand, to the benefits of regulation to citizens and workers, the wider economy and the environment, and on the other, that administrations must meet citizens’ needs, is simply wrong.

The statement calls for “modern” quality administrations for all as part of broader democratic reforms at EU level including an effective social dialogue at all levels. It rehashes a number of EPSU demands such as a European Quality Framework on public services, reversing the negative and regressive tax trends or questioning private sector involvement in the running of public services and policy-making.

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