OSE/EPSU Report on emerging EU level instruments for soft health systems governance

(Brussels, 28 September 2012) EPSU has published the report "Emerging EU level instruments for soft health systems governance". It has been commissioned from Observatoire Social Européen (OSE) and was written by Dr. Rita Baeten.
This report provides a mapping of some EU level instruments for soft health systems governance emerging from the Europe 2020 strategy. The aim of the analysis is to understand their importance for the workers in the healthcare sector. It addresses three processes: - the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA); - the Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning; - and finally the Feasibility Study on a European Sector Council on Employment and Skills for Nursing and the Care Workforce at EU level.
For each of these instruments the study presents what is known so far (i.e. by mid 2012) - first, on its mandate and legal basis; - secondly, on its objectives; - thirdly, on its governance structure and stakeholder involvement; - fourthly, on the content; and finally on its relevance for workers and their representatives.
A fourth EU level instrument for soft governance emerging from Europe 2020 strategy, the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion, has not been addressed in this report. Although health inequalities is among the topics under this instrument, the researcher did not find indications that it would address the wider health and long term care systems; therefore it should not in itself have an impact on the health and long-term care pillar of the social OMC
The document is based on desk research and some interviews. The research was carried out in spring 2012, and the report thus reflects the situation until April 2012. It was fine tuned and finalised in September 2012, including a light update on some aspects. - OSE Report "Emerging EU level instruments for soft health system governance" (September 2012; author: Dr. Rita Baeten, Observatoire Social Européen (OSE))
{The research commissioned was done with the financial assistance of the European Commission}