ORPEA unions meet to support workers’ President of European Works Council

Banner ORPEA meeting EPSU

(21 April 2021) On Wednesday 20th April workers’ representatives from the French Multinational ORPEA,  affiliated to the European Public Service Union met to discuss the outcome of the first meeting of the European Works Council that has been recently established.

ORPEA has been in the headlines recently due to its behaviour as a bad employer, union buster, abuse of public funds and the mistreatment of patients as we have reported recently. The meeting was a strong endorsement to Nicole Meyer (from ver.di, Germany), the Workers’ President of the EWC in this information and consultation body. The meeting was attended by representatives from France (the country where the HQ of the company is), Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands and the EPSU secretariat.

Other issues discussed were the investigation of the company by the French Senate, a very important element to the future enquiry into the misbehaving of management, the current report of the minister of health and the attempts of the company to whitewashing its image.