New times for new communications techniques

Reyes Maroto, PSOE

1st June 2015
In the past week the European Public Service Unions communicators network met in Madrid but for a different type of event. We usually do meetings where we discuss about how to communicate, this time we wanted to do it differently.

We focus on the video and the audio and reporting from the workplace or from the ground. We discussed and interviewed workers, representatives, trade union officials, activists, citizens and politicians. A first teaser of what is to come, you can see below.

We also discussed with two elected representatives to the Madrid Autonomous Parliament, one from the Socialist Party (PSOE), Reyes Maroto, and another one from PODEMOS, Miguel Ongil (see photos). They expressed their views and concerns about privatization and public services and it was useful to allow trade unions from across Europe to understand the changes taken place in Spain.

  • Reyes Maroto, PSOE
  • Miguel Ongil, PODEMOS (on the left)