New research into policies addressing labour shortages in the health and care sectors 

Hospital bedroom

(29 July 2021) Eurofound is carrying out further research on policies which aim to address labour shortages. It will focus specifically on sectors which have seen an aggravation of labour shortages during the pandemic and on sectors and occupations likely to see an increase in shortages due to the twin ‘green’ and digital transitions. This includes the health and care sectors. 

The research will build upon a Eurofound report published on 20 July 2021, which looked at labour shortages in the EU, and classified the types of measures being taken to address shortages. Amongst other things, the report found that the pandemic aggravated shortages in the health and care sectors, and that all European countries reported an insufficient supply of nurses, general practitioners and long-term care workers. 

The new research aims to identify evaluated practices tackling shortages in the specific sectors, assess the quality of these evaluations and extract lessons on what works and does not work in different contexts.  

Having previously carried out research in relation to recruitment and retention in the health and care sectors, EPSU and HOSPEEM will maintain an active exchange with Eurofound to contribute to this project. One thing that is clear, is that the EU institutions and member state governments do not invest enough in the people that deliver health and care. Low wages and heavy workloads undermine the attractiveness of jobs in the health and care sectors, and add to problems of labour shortages. 

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