A new report details how some MEPs are close to business

The UK organisation SpinWatch has detailed how MEPs are linked to business interests while also being responsible for subjects in which these companies have an interest. Most of them turn out to be conservative and liberal politicians who act as lobbyists for business in the EP. Some well known MEPs are mentioned such as Gilles Chichester, Caroline Jackson and Malcolm Harbour. While these are all UK politicians MEPs from germany, Roumania, Finland are also mentioned.

The report details:
- MEPs who accept paid work and hospitality from businesses with a vested interest in their legislative work
- MEPs with a financial interest in industries they promote
- MEPs who are in key legislative positions - for example, chairing parliamentary committees - while at the same time being involved with powerful business lobby groups.

The report is part of efforts of organisations to ensure that the European parliament and Commission are more transparent.

The report 'Too Close for Comfort?' can be downloaded here